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    The Fastest Way to Share Links and Pictures from your Phone

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  • Share images and pictures with as many people as you want with just 3 taps

    Make email groups to share your content with. From one person to 100, set up your own fast sharing groups.

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How to Install

Download, Activate, USe

  • App 1

    Step 1. Download it from iTunes and set up your groups.

  • App 2

    Step 2. Find and activate it in your share options

  • App 3

    Step 3. Drag it to a convenient place to use everytime.

  • You want to share from your phone, we make it easy

    Sharing is caring. Create your groups and have easy access to them from any application. Tap Share, Tap Share to Group, Tap your Group, Email Sent. Easy peasy.

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Frequently asked questions

If you have other questions or issues, please contact us below

  • How do you use my information?

    We keep your name and email address as part of your account signup. The email addresses you add to Share To Group are also added to your account. We do not keep any logs or records of links, images, files or anything you send to yourself or your groups.

  • How many people can I add?

    You get two email "groups" to start with, a Self group (your email address) and a second group that can have as many members as you want. You can buy two more groups of unlimited recipients for $0.99 a year.

  • Is Share to Group GRDP compliant?

    Even though we aren't a European based company, we have created Share to Group to be GRDP compliant. If you want your data deleted, just email us and we'll do it rightaway.

  • Can I remove the Share to Group link at the bottom of the emails?

    Not at this time. We'll probably add that in a phase 2 as part of the paid groups (i.e. if you have a paid subscription you can remove the link if you want.)

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Available on iOS only. Android coming soon.